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Welcome to our website!

My name is Chanchy and my goal is to create dresses for you that don't require any double thinking, while checking all the boxes, like keeping it gorgeous and fully modest!

Growing up in Italy I was always surrounded by stunning high-end clothing stores and fashion all around - in the subway, grocery store, at the bank and everywhere else. Class and beauty is what I grew up seeing.

Growing up as a religious girl in Italy has always been a little challenging as well. How do I dress stunning and in style, while keeping my modesty standards? How many times do you find yourself looking online on big famous website for the perfect dress you are dreaming of for that party you have, but nothing seem to check all your boxes? I personally had enough of that, and I needed to create the perfect dresses that are flattering, elegant, appropriate for the occasion and not too short or too open for my standards.

And that's how Damigella was born.

I hope you will love and appreciate the idea of this project as much as I am excited about it!

Love, Chanchy


[ Damigella • Da-mi-gèl-la • Bridesmaid ]